Why is Hertfordshire a good place to start a business?

why is hertfordshire a good place to start a business

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur questioning whether Hertfordshire is a good place to kickstart your business, then you’ve come to the right place.

Hertfordshire is quickly becoming a popular destination for new start-up businesses in the UK. Located on the outskirts of London and delivering excellent access to funding and business support opportunities, Hertfordshire provides an ideal location to launch your business.

This blog post will explore why Hertfordshire is a good place to start your new venture, looking into specific benefits and the local economy and offering advice on what you can do as a start-up business in Hertfordshire.

At Ascott Blake, we are an experienced team of chartered accountants in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire. As active members of the local business community, our accounting firm has achieved significant growth and success – we understand why Hertfordshire is a good place to start a business.

If you need advice or support with your business finances, then please get in touch to see how we can assist you.

Reasons to start a business in Hertfordshire

Are you thinking about starting a business? The convenient location and supportive business culture make Hertfordshire a great place to consider.

Here are just a handful of reasons why Hertfordshire could be the perfect place for your new business.

Strategic geographic position

Hertfordshire is an excellent location for local business start-ups. It is situated on the edge of London – one of the world’s largest cities and home to over 1 million private business enterprises.

If you are looking for easy access to the country’s capital for your business needs but still want a taste of rural living, then Hertfordshire certainly brings a good balance and cost savings.

Excellent transportation connections

One of the many important things when starting a new business is ensuring you can get to your office (if you have one) and reach your clients or customers.

Hertfordshire has excellent transportation links, with the M1 and A1(M) running straight through the middle of the county. So, you’ll easily be able to reach London for any of your important business matters. Alternatively, you can also use the A1(M) to head in the opposite direction and branch out to customers in the North.

Bishop’s Stortford is approximately 20 minutes from London Stansted Airport. Bishop’s Stortford has train links to London Stansted Airport, London Liverpool Street and Cambridge.

Ultimately, with these useful transportation links, you won’t be limited to where your clients, customers or suppliers are based.

Business support and community

Starting a new venture can be exciting but also daunting, given the various aspects involved. This is why having access to a positive community of budding entrepreneurs and better business support is vital for helping businesses thrive.

Hertfordshire allows businesses to network and share advice through access to co-working spaces, workshops, networking events and Government-backed business support initiatives.

Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership

Starting a new business provides many challenges, especially if you haven’t done it before. But that doesn’t mean a good business idea can’t grow into a thriving success. What’s great is that Hertfordshire has excellent business support and start-up funding opportunities.

The Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (AKA Hertfordshire LEP) is a business-led program providing tailored support to enhance sustainable economic growth, better job opportunities, more innovation and boost workforce abilities in the Hertfordshire region.

It is one of many similar initiatives throughout the country and has a list of flagship brands with similar goals.

Hertfordshire Growth Hub

Small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Hertfordshire may benefit from looking into the Hertfordshire Growth Hub for additional resources. They are a part of the Hertfordshire LEP, offering support, assistance and guidance to businesses on their entrepreneurial journey.

The initiative provides various services such as mentorship, training, access to grants, funding opportunities and advice to help businesses to grow. New businesses should really take advantage of these local resources as they can help to aid growth and success in the initial stages of a start-up, promoting long-term success.

Diverse and skilled workforce

The Hertfordshire County Council has focused on creating a diverse and skilled workforce. Their annual reports demonstrate their commitment to providing more support for young people and individuals from diverse backgrounds. The aim is to offer better growth and skills development opportunities and make Government services more accessible for everyone.

As a business in Hertfordshire, you can be confident that the Hertfordshire County Council are working to ensure that everybody has equal access to education, skills development and career prospects and that there is a great pool of talented people for you to employ.

Hertfordshire is committed to investing in the skills of the future by providing support for young people’s career paths and hosting excellent education providers.

How can Ascott Blake Accountants help you?

Ascott Blake is a dynamic accountancy firm based in Hertfordshire, striving to deliver real results for local businesses.

There are many financial aspects to consider when starting a business. We can support local Hertfordshire businesses with financial support, helping you to maximise your budget, make cost-effective business decisions and be more tax-efficient.

If you’re a local business owner or looking to set up a new venture in Hertfordshire, then contact us today, and we can help transform your business finances.


If you want to start your entrepreneurial journey, then Hertfordshire is a great place to create a business. You’ll benefit from a strong community of like-minded people, excellent transport links, plus various professional accounting services, resources and local schemes to help your business flourish.

Hertfordshire is not only a good place to work and grow your business but also a wonderful place to live. It provides the convenience and social opportunities of urban areas while offering a peaceful and relaxing rural atmosphere.


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