What to look for in a payroll service

How to choose the right payroll service for your business

Effective payroll management is crucial to any successful business. It’s not just about paying employees on time and maintaining a happy team. It’s also about ensuring compliance with UK tax laws, maintaining data security and keeping up as your business grows and develops.

We understand the daily challenges of managing payroll can be overwhelming, which is why outsourcing your payroll can make a huge difference. But how can you find the right payroll service provider for your needs?

Here are some key things to look for when choosing a payroll provider:

  • Ability to grow with your business
  • Pays close attention to tax laws and compliance regulations
  • Provides support in all areas of payroll
  • Compatible with your current payroll software and systems
  • Offers affordable payroll solutions

Ascott Blake offers specialist online payroll services to businesses of all sizes, including sole traders, limited companies and self-employed contractors. We support business owners with all aspects of the payroll process, from ensuring your valued staff are paid accurately and on time to paying payroll taxes.

In this blog, our experts explain what to look for in a payroll service provider, helping you find the right service for your needs. Keep reading to learn more, or get in touch with Ascott Blake today to find out about our standard payroll services and specialist CIS payroll services.

How do I choose a payroll service?

When considering handing over your financial responsibilities to someone else, it is wise to do your research to make sure that you choose the right payroll service. This will ensure that your business benefits from the support of an experienced professional while continuing to run smoothly.

The key to choosing the right payroll service provider is determining what your business needs from its payroll service.

  • Do you require basic payroll processing or a full-service payroll provider?
  • Are you looking for full-time or part-time support?
  • Are you thinking of using professional payroll software?
  • Do you have specific regulations to adhere to, such as CIS?
  • Is your team growing or likely to grow in the future?
  • How much can you afford to spend on payroll services?

Asking yourself or even your team these questions can help you get a clearer idea of your business requirements. This will help form the basis of your search for the right payroll provider and give you an idea of what to look for.

Don’t all payroll service providers do the same thing?

Not all payroll services are the same. Some payroll providers specialise in specific sectors or work with complex pay structures, while others offer a full suite of services. This can be broken down even further, with certain providers offering in-person support and others working solely online.

At Ascott Blake, we provide various payroll solutions to businesses of all sizes and with different requirements. We offer a standard all-round PAYE payroll service for a wide range of businesses, covering everything from calculating wages and ensuring timely payments to handling tricky payroll issues as soon as they arise.

Then, there are our specialist CIS payroll services, which are specifically designed for contractors and subcontractors. This means that regardless of the nature of your business, we can provide a solution that fits your requirements.

Things to consider when choosing a payroll service

Before choosing a payroll service provider, you’ll need to consider various factors to make sure you select the best fit for your business needs.

1) Future scalability

The great thing about working with an accountant is that your investments will pay off over time. But, as your business grows, will your payroll provider be able to scale with it?

Whether you’re thinking of hiring new employees or expanding into new business areas, your payroll provider should be able to accommodate these changes without disrupting the current payroll system.

2) Compliance and reliability

Compliance is a crucial aspect of payroll management and is essential for avoiding costly penalties. While you may not have the time and skill to constantly ensure compliance, it is essential that you find a payroll service provider who does.

Good payroll providers should ensure that your payroll processes adhere to the latest regulations and keep updated on industry changes.

3) Tax support

Handling payroll taxes can be tricky, as it involves staying on top of constantly changing tax laws and meeting strict filing deadlines. Look for a provider well-versed in tax filing that can calculate payroll taxes, submit timely tax returns, and generate payroll tax statements.

4) Payroll software

Many payroll providers use different payroll software and may have a preferred method for their services. If you’re already using a payroll software provider that works for you, it’s beneficial to choose a payroll service that can integrate with your existing system.

5) Data confidentiality

Payroll involves handling important data about employees and finances. With the increasing threat of cyber attacks, data security should be a top priority. When looking for a payroll service provider for your business, you should consider whether they implement the right security measures, such as encryption, secure data storage and regular checks to ensure your information stays safe.

6) Cost-effectiveness

While cost is an important consideration when choosing a payroll service, it is important to balance affordability with quality. It may be tempting to go with the cheapest option, but this doesn’t always mean the service will be worth it.

When choosing a payroll provider, be sure to ask about their different service offerings and check out their reviews before deciding whether the lower price is justified.

Looking to outsource your payroll? Contact Ascott Blake today

Are you a busy business owner struggling to manage the daily challenges of payroll? At Ascott Blake, our affordable, high-quality payroll services are designed to meet the varying needs of each client.

We ensure your payroll processes run smoothly and efficiently, with compliance and security at the forefront of our service. As a specialist payroll services provider, we stay regularly updated with the latest accounting software and innovative solutions to help your business reach its financial goals.

Contact Ascott Blake today, and we’ll implement a fully tailored outsourced payroll service that suits your exact needs. Whether it’s CIS payroll or PAYE, you can rest assured that we offer the most effective solutions and keep your company’s payroll data secure.

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