Company Secretarial Services

Our dedicated company secretarial team is here to help you seamlessly navigate the complex nature of corporate governance, ensuring your business stays compliant, efficient and ready for success.

company secretarial services
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    Experience the difference of working with an accounting practice that not only understands what it takes to manage company finances but also how to push your business in the right direction.

    At Ascott Blake, we pride ourselves on offering affordable and personalised company secretarial solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business.

    What are company secretarial services?

    Company secretaries play a vital role in providing the necessary guidance and administrative support to growing companies, helping them meet their legal, regulatory and corporate governance obligations. While it’s not a compulsory role in private companies, you might consider appointing a company secretary to further ensure compliance and, ultimately, push your company in the right direction.

    The role includes registering and filing documents with Companies House, ensuring legal compliance with the Companies Act (2006), updating statutory registers, managing company records and creating documents required for shareholders and board meetings.

    Ascott Blake provides an expert company secretarial service that focuses on ensuring compliance and easing administrative burdens. Get in touch today to discover how our services can enhance your business.

    What types of businesses benefit from a company secretarial service?

    All types of businesses can benefit from company secretarial services, and while they aren’t necessarily required by law, they can ease the workload significantly. They help protect a business from legal exposure and liability, providing valuable peace of mind to the board of directors.

    We have years of experience helping companies of all sizes and various circumstances ensure their business operates in line with corporate governance. Our company secretarial services help public companies juggling stricter compliance requirements, private companies going through significant changes and even small businesses that lack the budget to hire a full-time in-house company secretary.

    Why outsource company secretarial duties?

    1. Save time and resources – Unless you have an appointed company secretary, the duties fall to the director. By outsourcing your company secretarial matters to us, you can save precious executive-level hours that can be devoted to important projects.

    2. Save costs – A company secretary is required to have considerable legislative knowledge and a strong skill set, which can be an expensive investment. We take the financial strain away by offering a high level of expertise at a fraction of the cost.

    3. Reduce risk – As chartered accountants, we have intimate knowledge of the legislation surrounding company law and corporate governance, so you can be assured that tasks are completed accurately and on time.

    Our company secretarial services

    We offer a comprehensive range of company secretarial services, including statutory maintenance, amendments to articles, rights issues, director’s service offices, and general power of attorney.

    Statutory maintenance

    Every private limited company has several annual filing obligations, and the Registrar of Companies is increasingly severe with those who fail to comply and meet the filing deadlines.

    Our team can fulfil the following vital functions to ensure you meet the necessary legal requirements:

    • Preparation and filing of all statutory forms, including your annual confirmation statement, minutes of AGM and EGMs and resolutions

    • Appointment and resignation of directors and secretaries

    • Maintaining statutory company registers, including register of members, officers, directors interests, minutes and debentures

    • Producing company profiles when required

    • Change of accounting reference date documentation

    Registered Offices

    As a UK company, you must have a registered office to which all communications and notices from Companies House and HMRC are sent. We can provide a registered office service for companies in England and Ireland, which includes forwarding any official mail received from Companies House and the Inland Revenue.

    Liaising with Companies House

    We’re helping you avoid the consequences of late filing penalties and maintaining a professional and proactive company image. Our experts will handle all communication and submissions with Companies House, ensuring your important documents are filed on time, and all regulations are met.

    Outsource your company secretarial support to Ascott Blake today

    At Ascott Blake, we are a dynamic accounting agency comprising a strong team of chartered accountants. Our commitment to customer success is reflected in our high-quality accounting services while always keeping ahead of the latest accounting software and utilising innovative solutions for our clients. Just take a look at what some of our happy clients have to say about us.

    We are an experienced and reliable provider of company secretarial services, offering the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency. Our expert team is committed to delivering a comprehensive and personalised service that can help ensure your business remains compliant with all current legislation.

    Contact us today to discuss your requirements and learn how our services can help you.

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