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Are you searching for a reliable CIS payroll service provider? Do you want to delegate complex CIS and payroll tasks to industry experts? Welcome to Ascott Blake! We are leading CIS payroll accountants in the UK, providing innovative financial solutions, great expertise, excellent customer support, and affordable pricing.

Whether you need to prepare and submit the payroll to HM Revenue & Customs, provide payslips, understand the nuances of CIS tax, or need help with any other process related to CIS payroll, we are ready to suggest and implement the best and most cost-effective solution!

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    What is CIS payroll?

    CIS payroll is a specific way of processing the payments from contractors to subcontractors under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

    The Construction Industry Scheme is a specialised system with set rules designed for the construction industry in particular. It is designed to ensure that subcontractors are being paid correctly and contractors are following the correct rules and regulations when it comes to processing payroll, such as how they deduct tax and National Insurance from the subcontractors’ pay.

    How does CIS payroll work?

    If you are a contractor who hires subcontractors, or you operate a business and spend £3 million or more on construction within 12 months, there are certain rules that apply when you pay your subcontractors for their work.

    Here’s how the CIS payroll process works:

    1. Register for the Construction Industry Scheme before taking on any subcontractors.

    2. Verify the subcontractors’ CIS status before hiring them to get the correct tax deduction rates.

    3. Ensure you make the relevant CIS tax deductions for any work carried out before making payments.

    4. Ensure you provide relevant payment statements to the subcontractors detailing how much has been paid and deducted.

    5. Submit monthly CIS returns and keep records of all payments.

    The different CIS rules and regulations can be confusing at first. But, with the right level of support from our expert team at Ascott Blake, CIS payroll can become a seamless part of your business operations at the most affordable cost. Get in touch with us today.

    Our Construction Industry Scheme payroll service

    We understand that every business is unique and different. This is why, at Ascott Blake, we offer flexible, affordable and personalised CIS solutions and payroll services to various businesses across the UK.

    No doubt, payroll can be time-consuming and even challenging, coming with different penalties for non-compliance.

    Our specialist team of CIS experts always go the extra mile to take this pressure away from you by completing the following:

    • CIS scheme registration and subcontractor verification;

    • Preparation and submission of payroll to HMRC;

    • Advising on and administering auto-enrolment requirements;

    • Providing computer-generated payslips;

    • Completing administration for tax and National Insurance deductions and anything else that your business is liable for;

    • Preparing year-end documents and helping you with everything required for CIS payroll to ensure compliance.

    With us, you can forget about complex payroll tasks and duties, save plenty of time and resources, and focus on your customers, business growth, and business development strategy. Whether you need one-off support or the full suite of payroll services for the Construction Industry Scheme, we are ready to provide exceptional results.

    Why choose CIS Payroll Services from Ascott Blake?

    Timely and efficient management of a business payroll is now more critical than ever, especially for contractors, subcontractors and other companies involved in construction work.

    At Ascott Blake, we strive to provide every client with the best and most relevant solution. We put customers first, and therefore, our primary mission is to simplify the CIS payroll duties for you. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals who have extensive industry expertise and are up to date on the latest legislation.

    By choosing us as your CIS payroll service provider, you get a thoroughly customised and cost-effective solution that minimises all possible risks and provides you with a smooth and controlled payroll cycle. Our specialists are always on hand to give you expert advice as and when you need it.

    If you need some extra help managing the challenging tasks associated with CIS payroll, then contact us today. We will make sure your CIS payroll processes are fully polished and administered!

    Frequently asked questions about CIS payroll

    For more information about how CIS payroll services can benefit you, please take a look at some of the FAQs below.

    Who needs our CIS payroll service?

    Our CIS payroll service is suited to contractors and construction firms who employ subcontractors for their projects. If you deal with the hiring and payment process of subcontractors and want to get some expert advice and assistance, then our services are tailored for you. We’ll ensure you have the peace of mind and added time you are looking for so you can continue working on the front end of your business, knowing the payments are taken care of.

    While we primarily offer this service to main contractors, we can also help subcontractors with other aspects of their finances, such as working out their contract income and filing Self-Assessment tax returns.

    Is CIS payroll different to traditional payroll?

    CIS payroll is different to the traditional payroll system you might be used to. It has its own set of unique rules to ensure the correct tax deductions are made. Following these rules isn’t always easy, which is why it is good to know the difference.

    Traditional payroll tends to operate in a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system, where employers automatically deduct employees’ tax and National Insurance Contributions from their pay based on the different tax codes.

    CIS payroll, on the other hand, requires businesses and main contractors to calculate these deductions from their subcontractors’ wages based on the CIS tax percentages provided by HMRC.

    Do I pay CIS as a limited company?

    If you are a limited company that pays contractors or subcontractors, then you will be responsible for making the relevant CIS deductions and paying HMRC. You can do this by submitting monthly CIS returns to HMRC detailing how much you paid the contractors and how much tax was deducted.

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