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Are you searching for a reliable CIS and payroll services provider? Do you want to delegate CIS and payroll to a professional CIS payroll company? Welcome to Ascott Blake! We are leading payroll services accountants in the United Kingdom, providing innovative financial solutions, great expertise, excellent customer support, and affordable payroll services pricing.

Whether you need to prepare and submit the payroll to HMRC, provide payslips, understand the nuances of auto-enrolment, or need help with any other process related to CIS payroll, we are ready to suggest and implement the best and the most cost-effective solution! 

Offering premier Construction Industry Scheme services and payroll services for small business, we take care of CIS and payroll, allowing you to stay entirely focused on your business development!

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    CIS and Payroll Services for Small Businesses

    Small business payroll services from Ascott Blake come as a comprehensive and dependable solution for those who want to avoid stress, pressure, and penalties. We help different companies, contractors, and subcontractors to manage their payroll efficiently and stay fully compliant with the requirements of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

    Our professional CIS services and payroll services for small business are designed to help you ensure compliance, accuracy, efficiency, and control in your particular business. Whether you need CIS online services or payroll services UK, we are your best CIS payroll company to work with!

    Leading CIS Payroll Company in the UK

    We solemnly understand that every business is unique and different. Therefore, at Ascott Blake, we offer super flexible CIS solutions and small business payroll services UK tailored to your particular business needs.

    No doubt, payroll can be time-consuming and even challenging, coming with different penalties for non-compliance. 

    That is why business owners search for professional CIS payroll companies to delegate it all to industry experts. Specialists from Ascott Blake always go the extra mile to take this pressure away from you by completing the following:

    • Preparation and submission of payroll to HMRC;
    • Advising on and administering auto-enrolment requirements;
    • Providing computer generated payslips;
    • Completing administration for national insurance, PAYE, statutory sick and maternity pay, and anything else that your business is liable for;
    • Preparing year-end documents and helping you with everything required for CIS payroll to ensure compliance is achieved.

    We are a trustworthy CIS services and payroll services provider with a formidable reputation. With us, you can forget about complex payroll tasks and duties, save plenty of time and resources, and focus on your people, business growth, and business development strategy. Whether you need partial intervention or entirely outsourced payroll solutions, we are ready to bring benefits to your business.

    What is CIS Payroll?

    CIS payroll means processing the payments from contractors to subcontractors under the specific scheme – CIS or Construction Industry Scheme. The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a specialised system with special rules designed for the construction industry in particular.

    CIS payroll refers to two key elements of the Construction Industry Scheme – a contractor and a subcontractor. The contractor employs subcontractors or operates a business spending £1 million or more on construction over three years. And the subcontractor works on different construction projects under the employ of a particular contractor.

    Ascott Blake CIS and payroll services accountants provide professional CIS payroll services that allow you to avoid any HMRC fines related to non-compliance with CIS rules. We ensure seamless contractor registration for the CIS scheme with HMRC, complete your returns, submit them to HMRC, check your subcontractors with HMRC, produce statements of deductions and payments, and even more.

    What are Payroll Services?

    Payroll services or payroll processing services mean a specific procedure of administering payment of wages by the company to all its employees. If your business has several employees, you surely need dependable payroll services provided by professionals to compensate your staff for their work. The primary advantage of professional payroll services is that by hiring a payroll service provider, you delegate all payroll duties and payroll responsibilities to experts. So you can focus on running your business.

    With Ascott Blake payroll services for small business, you get a qualified team ready to take care of your entire payroll cycle. As leading payroll services accountants in the UK, we specialise in every aspect of the payroll process and manage all your payroll calculations, year-end taxes, payroll tax statements, withholding and paying garnishments, and more. We comply with HMRC rules and regulations and keep you informed of any changes that may affect your business.

    Why CIS Services & Payroll Services from Ascott Blake?

    Timely and efficient management of a business payroll is now more critical than ever. That is why CIS services and small business payroll services are so popular these days. Professional payroll processing services help to make the procedures of managing employees and setting PAYE schemes much more precise and straightforward. Meanwhile, accurate CIS management of CIS payments and duties comes in handy for contractors, subcontractors and other companies involved in construction.

    When searching for a CIS payroll services provider, you will undoubtedly find a diversity of options. Nevertheless, none of them will provide you with superior service of such quality and level offered by Ascott Blake specialists. 

    At Ascott Blake, we strive to provide the best and the most relevant solution to every client. We put customers first, and therefore our primary mission is to simplify the CIS payroll and general payroll duties for you. 

    Our team consists of highly experienced professionals who have extensive industry expertise and are up to date on the latest legislation.

    Choose a Reliable CIS Payroll Company for Your Business

    By choosing us as your CIS and payroll services provider, you get a thoroughly customised and cost-effective solution that minimises all possible risks and provides you with a smooth and controlled payroll cycle. All our payroll and CIS services for small business are budget-friendly as we provide reasonable and competitive payroll services pricing. Moreover, we guarantee exceptional customer support.

    Our specialists are always on hand with you to give a piece of expert advice. Contact us today, and we will do our best to make sure your CIS and payroll processes are fully polished and administered!

    Ascott Blake is a UK-based CIS payroll company offering premier CIS online services and payroll services for small business. We guarantee our customers reliable support, an award-winning service, and innovative and fully customised solutions. For more information about our professional payroll and CIS services, please use the form to contact us.

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