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Are you a small business looking to boost your financial success? Then you’re in the right place. When outsourcing your small business accounting with Ascott Blake, you leverage the expertise of our chartered professionals, streamline your financial processes and achieve cost-effective, efficient and accurate management of your business finances.

Get the most out of small business accountancy services with Ascott Blake!

Ascott Blake small business accountants
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    We are Ascott Blake, Chartered Accountants for small businesses

    Ascott Blake accountants have extensive expertise, meaning we know everything there is to know about small business accounting. You can wave goodbye to the daily juggling act of managing your core business activities alongside managing finances, compliance and administrative tasks.

    With us, you always get professional assistance in the organisation and maintenance of cash flow, tax optimisation, compliance and legal support.

    Make the most of high-quality accounting services to gain confidence in your financial affairs! We bridge the gap between your financial aspirations and the complexities of small business accounting, ensuring you have the financial clarity, compliance and peace of mind you deserve.

    If you want to see your business grow, contact Ascott Blake today!

    Is it worth getting an accountant for a small business?

    Being a small business owner means wearing many hats. You are not only responsible for your core business operations but also for managing business finances and the administrative burden that comes with it. In the early stages, you may face resource constraints and time pressures, making it challenging to handle accounting on your own.

    As small business accountants, we understand these challenges, which is why we offer a personable service of expert advice and bespoke solutions based on your unique situation.

    Our small business accountancy services

    At Ascott Blake, our chartered accountants can support you with various aspects of growing your small business. Whether it’s assisting with Companies House registration or understanding your annual accounts, we have the right small business accounting services for you.

    Take a look below to see how having your own dedicated accountant can benefit you and your business:

    Bookkeeping for small businesses

    Achieve financial success while focusing on what you do best by utilising our bookkeeping services for small businesses. The support of our enthusiastic number crunchers will ensure meticulous recording of your business transactions. This involves tracking income and expenses, maintaining books and ensuring financial accuracy.

    Payroll for small businesses

    Simplify your payroll process and reduce the administrative burden with our payroll services for small businesses. We’ll promote financial accuracy and compliance while ensuring employee salaries are processed and paid on time, pensions schemes and bonuses are properly managed, and correct tax deductions are made.

    Tax services for small businesses

    Navigate the complexities surrounding small business taxes and ensure complete compliance when you work with our trusted tax advisors. As your small business accountants, we will identify eligible deductions, maintain accurate records, file your Self-Assessment tax returns and improve tax efficiency with complete financial planning.

    Xero cloud accounting services

    At Ascott Blake, we utilise the latest online accounting software to ensure you benefit from easy access to flawless accounting data anytime, anywhere. Our Xero cloud accounting service saves time and stress by automating everyday accounting tasks, updating data in real time, providing seamless integration and reducing paperwork.

    Choose Ascott Blake as your small business accountants

    Our dynamic team of expert accountants offer high-quality assistance in managing your business finances, analysing data, staying tax-efficient and helping you make smarter business decisions. We aim to minimise the time you spend thinking about your business accounts and maximise the time you spend strategising and growing your business.

    If you’re a sole trader or a small limited company with strong aspirations, then look no further than Ascott Blake. Contact us today for a free consultation with a seasoned small business accountant.

    Frequently asked questions about small business accounting

    For more information about how small business accountancy services can help you succeed, please take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions below:

    If you have taken the leap and started your own entrepreneurial venture, then you'll likely be cautious of anything that could hinder your success. Taking time to find the right small business accountant is an essential step in ensuring the success of your growing business.


    Here are some of the steps we suggest you take:

    1. Write a list of all the small business accountants in your area

    2. Research their services and offerings

    3. Compare prices

    4. Read customer reviews

    5. Get recommendations from other small business owners

    6. When you spot an accountancy firm you like, get in touch with them!

    Ascott Blake is a proud member of the Bishop's Stortford business community, and we are committed to delivering real results for small businesses. If you want to find the right accountant for your small business, feel free to get in touch and see how we can help you.

    The costs of hiring small business accountants will differ depending on various factors, such as the size of your business, the services you require and the complexity of your business's needs. Most small business accountants will charge a monthly or hourly fee, providing you with more financial flexibility than hiring a full-time accountant.


    In the early stages of growing a successful business, it can benefit sole traders and small limited companies to outsource their accounting needs.


    Ascott Blake aims to make accounting more accessible for you. In addition to our full-suite accountancy services for small businesses, we provide one-time online accounting and consultation services for those looking to get faster results without the cost of hiring in-house.

    The specific accounting services you might require as a small business will vary depending on your industry, size and financial goals. You may find that you need a comprehensive set of accountancy services or just the basics to start with.

    Bookkeeping is one of the first and most important accounting services to consider. It keeps you compliant with tax regulations, helps you make informed financial decisions and sets the foundations for good financial practice. Once your books are in order, you can benefit from more focused accountancy services such as tax planning, payroll, and management accounts.

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